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    In JBoss Cluster how do I lookup the JMS Provider

    Shankar Banerjee Newbie

      Hi ,

      I am migrating our JBoss App to Cluster. In the JBoss Admin guide, clustering chapter, the HA-JMS client configuration doc just says:

      HA-JMS Client
      The HA-JMS client is different from regular JMS clients in two important aspects.
      ? The HA-JMS client must obtain JMS connection factories from the HA-JNDI (the default port is 1100).
      ? The client connection must listens for server exceptions. When the cluster fail-over to a different master node,
      all client operations on the current connection fails with exceptions. The client must know to re-connect.


      Is there an example of how to do this lookup of the HA-JMS (code and/or configuration included) ConnectionFactory. I will appreciate a quick reply.