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    Firebird as JMS Persistence

    Rick Carragher Newbie

      I'm having some problems configuring Firebird as the JBoss MQ persistence, JBoss 3.2.7, using the Firebird RAR. I think it's my connection factory deployment, and how that gets referenced in the state-service and jdbc2-service xmls.

      My connection factory looks like this:

       <adapter-display-name>Firebird Database Connector</adapter-display-name>
       <config-property name="Database" type="java.lang.String">localhost/3050:c:/fbdb/te_jms.gdb</config-property>
       <config-property name="TransactionIsolationName">TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED</config-property>

      When I reference this in my firebird-jdbc2-service.xml, I do the following:
      <mbean code="org.jboss.mq.pm.jdbc2.PersistenceManager"
       <depends optional-attribute-name="ConnectionManager">jboss.jca:service=TxCM,name=jdbc/triversity/transactionware/</depends>

      Similarly, I did the same for firebird-jdbc-state-service.xml. When I tried this, it seems to connect to the database fine, but the results earlier in a transaction are not found later in the transaction. I enabled MQ tracing, and it inserts to JMS_MESSAGES fine, but when it goes to delete the same transaction, it gets 0 results found. I also found that I couldn't set "CREATE_TABLES_ON_STARTUP" to true, because, again, the creation would work, but the very next set of statements to the database would get "table JMS_MESSAGES doesn't exist".

      So, I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong in my "ConnectionManager" setting. Is there a difference when the database is configured in a ConnectionFactory instead of a data source? BTW, I tried setting <local-transaction/>, and it made no appreciable difference.

      Let me know if posting the trace log would help.

      Thanks in advance,