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    MDB topic autocreation failure in 4.0.4.GA

    Bernhard Neuhauser Newbie

      Just upgraded my developement server from 4.0.4.cr2 to the new release.

      Seems like the topic autocreation does not work any longer.


      WARN [MDB] Could not find the topic destination-jndi-name=XYZ
      WARN [MDB] destination not found: topic/XYZ reason: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException:
      XYZ not bound
      WARN [MDB] creating a new temporary destination: topic/XYZ
      INFO [XYZ] Bound to JNDI name: topic/XYZ
      INFO [EJB3Deployer] and so on ...

      WARN [MDB] Could not find the topic destination-jndi-name=MachineStatusTelegram
      INFO [EJB3Deployer] and so on ...

      So it seems like the auto creation of temp topics does not work any longer.

      Cant see any difference in the standardjboss.xml. Its still CreateJBossMQDestination = true

      Maybe the issue is a side effect because i bound my mdbs to activeMQ. Still the previous version worked well, so i hoped it should also work in 4.0.4.GA (Will the new jboss JMS support c++ client's like amq?)

      any ideas?
      Neuhauser Bernhard