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    How to configure HAJMS with the cluster nodes on the same ho

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      I am configuring a very powerfull box with two JBoss processes running in cluster. I have followed the guidelines to setup the ports and everything is running smoothly.

      However, I am facing a major issue with HAJMS. In the overview (http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossMQHAOverview), the following is described

      The URL should be the URL to the HA-JNDI server running on the same node as the bean; if the bean is available the local HA-JNDI server should also be available. The lookup will then automatically query all of the nodes in the cluster to identify which node has the JMS resources available.

      So putting an JNDI name like http://localhost:2100/queue/MySuperQueue sounds not too hard in a multi host configuration. What about my configuration? Am i supposed to specify http://localhost:2100/queue/MySuperQueue for the second node (2100 is the port used for the clustred JNDI on the second node)

      I am supposed to deploy the same EAR through farming. How can I solve this issue. Right now, the lookup of a queue on the node which is not hosting JMS results in a NamingException.

      We're using 3.2.8-FP1