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    Clarification of 4.0.4 implemetion & MSMQ

    Jeff Newbie

      I've read loads on this, but still am not completely sure on the current situation.


      1: JBossMQ is to be replaced with JBossMessaging.
      Has this been done in JBoss 4.0.4 ? I understand that it will be JBoss5, but in 4.x JBossMQ has to be manually removed and JBossMessageing then deployed. Is this correct?

      2: I need to talk to MSMQ [a political decision :-( ], to do this with other JMS implementations, i.e. like MSMQ-2-MQSeries, you can download a bridge between the two.

      With JBoss I don't see a bridge available. Which is fine, I can create some code to talk JNI to get the messages. Although I'd sooner user a bridge, less coding for me :-)

      Does the new version of JBossMessageing, provide anything to help me with MSMQ integration?

      3: When is JBoss 5 due for release? Does anyone have a general idea?

      Note: The JBoss messaging webcast on the 15/03/06 was a great.
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