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    Queues become 'Destroyed' for no reason

    Owain lewis Newbie

      I have a cluster of three JBoss 4.0.2 servers running on linux with JBossMQHA running.

      I have three queues deployed as service (SARs) on each node in the cluster; with MDB consumers for the queues.

      This setup has been running succesfully with a steady throughput on each queue for around 3 months.

      Under normal circumstances the queues on the master node are in a state of 'Started' (3) (When viewed via JMX console) and the queues on the non-master nodes are in state 'Registered' (8)

      Today each queue on each node stopped being available and when checked had become in the state 'Destroyed'. I can find no documentation or reference to this problem and there is no exceptional/error output in the log files.

      The only way I have managed to return the queues to the correct state is to re-start each jboss instance.

      Does anyon know:

      1) How this situation would come about?

      2) How to prevent it in future?

      3) How to place a queue back into 'Started' from 'Destroyed' without restarting jboss?