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    Messages are delivered to JMS Clients Non uniformly - Jboss

    sthomas Newbie

      We have a Jboss server which hosts a JMS queue, which is being subscribed by message driven beans on 2 other Jboss nodes (3.2.3 with JMS 1.1). Theoretically the messages should be randomly delivered to both of these subscribing server nodes (1:1 ratio). But what we are seeing is most of the messages (approximately 1:3 ratio) are being delivered to one of the nodes (looks like the node which registered to the JMS queue first)

      The maximum number of MDBs configured on each of the receiving nodes where 15 (default with 3.2.3), we have brought down them to 5 , still the behaviour be the same.If we restart the node, which is loaded more, the behaviour just gets swapped.

      We are not able to understand why this affinity is?, This is causing extreme CPU utilisation on one of the nodes

      Any comments - highly appreciated.