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    remote queue interruption due to network equipment maintenan

    Neil Davis Newbie

      I have a message router pattern talking to a queue on another server via remote proxy binding.

      It works great and has been in service for over two years now, from 3.2.3 to 4.0.2 now. However when our network crew takes a router down for maintenance, or our server admins reboot the remote server, the queue connection hangs and restarting JBoss server doing the remote connection fixes it. This maintenance occurs about twice per month during the "green zone" and of course I don't find out until our app's been down for a while and someone figures out that they need to call me.

      Great communication here in the company :P

      Is there a way, through configuration, to have jboss retry the connection until it comes back up or prevent the exception and subsequent timeout at the app server level (set PingPeriod to 0?) and let the MDB handle the connection exception when it goes to pull messages?

      Other than this, my app works like a swiss watch. Great job on the JMS! This only happens when the network or remote server disappears.