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    JMS Messages TimeToLive and JMSExpiration.

    sp_vasan Newbie

      Could some one help me in using timetolive and jmsexpiration headers.

      Iam still confused.

      Iam using jboss 4.0.3 SP1

      These are the steps i followed

      1: I checked the standardjboss.xml and the TimeToLive is set to 0

      that means all my messages will never expire

      JMSExpiration = TTL + setJMSExpiration();

      2: I have started the server with my local settings which is BST (British standard time)

      3: I have background service for monitoring Q which uses Qbrowser to browse the messages and check the time diffrence of what time the messages are created.

      Based in that, it try expire the messages (my sole understanding is that JMS SPECIFICATION DOESNOT ALLOW YOU TO PURGE THE MESSAGES. Correct me, if iam wrong)

      3: Now i use SpyMessage (org.jboss.mq.) to set the JMSExpiration

      which i set it to System.currentTimeMillis() so that means i would expect to removed from the Q i.e expire the messages.

      4: I can see the expiratin time has been changed to System.currentTimeMillis() but the message statys there.