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    Jms problem in jboss

    a ak Newbie

      I have One doubt in Jboss. I am using jboss4.2 ,Linux,Jms ,MDB.
      Response listner created Thread like this in Jboss
      AdminReponseListner [ReceiveMsg] hm=>{kotesh=Thread[Thread-16,5,RMI Runtime]} 1
      In case of Web Logic This will be like this
      AdminReponseListner [ReceiveMsg] hm=>{kotesh=Thread[Thread-12,5,Thread Group for Queue: 'MyExecuteQueue']} 1
      I am using the same code in two server
      Does it different for different servers or is there any configuration issue in jboss .
      My problem is my code is working in weblogic but in case of jboss it is not working ,means the consumer is not able to receive any message .
      I did all configurations .
      Can any one help me
      Thanks in adavance