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    Receive object in jboss

    a ak Newbie

      we are creating Receiver object like this

      QueueReceiver qReceiver = qSesTemp.createReceiver(qTemp, selectorTag);
      it is creating object like this in Jboss


      But in case of weblogic the object is


      My problem is receiver is not able to receive any message in jboss.
      the same code is working in weblogic but in case of jboss it is not able to receive the message.

      My receive method is
      if(timeOutInSeconds == 0)
      timeOutInSeconds = 60;
      Message message = qReceiver.receive(timeOutInSeconds * 1000);

      it is waiting up to given time and simply throwing exception
      and the message is comming null

      but in weblogic it is working

      can any one help me .