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    MDBs don't work after jms recovery

    Ken Wong Newbie

      Hi, I'm seeing this behavior on jboss 4.0.1.
      We have an MDB that listens for jms messages of a topic,
      so that messages are processed using the MDB's onMessage()
      method (as is standard usage). We found however that
      if the jms service is restarted (e.g. by touching the
      jms service.xml file to cause jms services to be redeployed),
      then even though our sender program recovers, all
      messages that are sent after the recovery do not trigger
      any MDB actions, it's as though no MDBs are triggered at all.
      To cause MDBs to work again, I actually have to redeploy
      the ear file. I dont' think this is acceptable behavior. What
      am I missing?