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    Transactional sending of a message with XA queue?

    Marco Schulze Newbie

      Hello *,

      I would like to achieve the following behaviour:

      A session bean's method is called within a transaction and sends a message to a queue. The message should, however, not be delivered before the transaction is complete, because otherwise the data in my database is not yet visible to my message driven bean.

      A normal org.jboss.mq.server.jmx.Queue (registered with a deployment descriptor) seems not to be able to enlist in the container transaction. Is an XA Queue able to do that or does the transactional part only apply to the consumption of a message?

      If an XA Queue behaved the way I need it, I would appreciate a lot, if you could point me to some docs. I didn't find any documentation about XA queues. The Wiki and JBoss Messaging / Documentation provide only infos for normal queues...

      Thanks a lot in advance!

      Best regards, Marco :-)