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    jms ha + remote client

    ben rooney Newbie


      i'm a little confused on how an application running on a machine that is not part of a jboss cluster is suppose to connect to the JMS HA provider. what IP address should be used to connect?

      for example, if i have JBoss cluster with two servers, each configured with JMS HA, then i can start up both servers and each one that attempts to connect to JMS just points to it's bind address or localhost.

      however, if a 3rd machine is trying to connect, which is not a part of the cluster, which server should it connect to? i could configure it to connect to a particular server, ie node A. however, if node A happens to be down at the time of bringing the 3rd server up, it will not be able to connect to JMS HA.

      is there a 'generic' ip address that represents the cluster so that whichever node happens to be the master node it can connect?

      thanks in advance