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    In my design,will JBOSSMQ server be the bottle-neck?let us d

    w xj Newbie

      I decided to use jboss mq in my system.I use some thread to recieve message from an external program which does not based on java,so these message from outside do not accord with jms' message format.immidiatly after recieve these message,I add a jms' message header onto them and put them to JbossMQ's destination.
      my jms client include some thread to consume these message from my jbossmq destination asynchronously,when the overload is heavy,I can startup more jms client to recieve message from my destination.
      All things seem good!
      But i really worry about the perfomence of the jbossmq server! because the external application can send a large number of message at a second,the overload is usually very heavy! In this circumstance,as for message producer and message consumer i can cope with it just by start more producer or more cosumer .But i can not use many jbossmq server ,
      whether the overload is heavy or light,the jbossmq server is always only one! Can it distribute messages in its queue to more than five consumer in time ? And if i start more than ten consumer connected to the jbossmq server(all for the same destination),can the jboss mq server work quickly enough for me? Or ,need i to make more than one destination in my system to meet the heavy overload?

      tks for any help.