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    question on publishing to a secure queue

    Shantanu Sen Newbie

      How can we publish to a secure queue without setting the user,pw at the time of creating the connection? Can we specify the user/pw on the deployment descriptor of the ConnectionFactory associated with the queue? Or can we specify this on the activation spec of the queue resource?

      The goal is to not write extra code to publish to a secure queue. I would still want to use the standard connFactory.createConnection() API i.e. without setting the user/pw in the code. If I want to add security, I should be able to achieve this by configuring the deployment descriptors.

      For example, securing a queue and associating a user with the MDB that listens to the queue requires no coding - it is purely done by modifying the respective deployment descriptors.

      Is there a similar mechanism by which we can associate a user with the ConnectionFactory that is used to create the connection to publish to the secured queue?