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    XStream XML JMS Message

    Johan Persson Newbie

      Using XStream (http://xstream.codehaus.org) for creating an XML payload for a TextMessage from within an MDB. The XML payload carried within the TextMessage is actually an ObjectMessage XStream'ed (marshalled) to XML. The MDB is a router between two queues in JBoss. Incoming queue is for ObjectMessage's and outgoing queue is only supporting TextMessage's (Apache Servicemix ESB), therefor we are trying to deliver an ObjectMessage as XML within a TextMessage. When the TextMessage is delivered to the other product (Apache Servicemix ESB) we can apply transformers and recreate (unmarshall) the XML/ObjectMessage.

      We are not shure about this approach since it is the JBoss implementing class for the interfaces javax.jms.TextMessage and javax.jms.ObjectMessage, that the XStream marshaller operates on. Will it be compatible?