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    JBossMQ using Derby instead of Hypersonic

    Johan Persson Newbie

      I am trying to remove Hypersonic as the backbone for the JBossMQ and replace it with Derby. Reading the "Changing the database used by JBossMQ" document found at (http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=ConfigJBossMQDB), with no luck.

      When setting up Derby there is one file missing for the MBean tag (DerbyDatabase) in the sample Derby-DS.xml . I downloaded JBoss source and built it, found a derby-plugin.jar this contains the missing 'DerbyDatabase' and I think the Derby-DS.xml is all set now.

      But when followin the instructions mentioned above nothing works. ConnectionManager-error, ConnectionFactory error etc etc. Getting confused when reading/jumping between the 'deploy' directory and the 'deploy-hasingleton'.

      If someone can please share a successful JBossMQ + Derby database configuration?

      Thanks in advance