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    Two Servers MDB Communication

    Radek Jira Newbie

      Hello. I have a problem. I have

      JBOSS1: MDB1, MDB2Client
      JBOSS2: MDB2, MDB1Client

      First I need to send message from MDB2Client to MDB2. Then MDB2 should process the message and invoke MDB1Client to send response message back to MDB1. MDB1 and MDB2 both uses jms/QueueConnectionFactory, MDB1 uses jms/WriterQueue and MDB2 uses jms/ReaderQueue. When both jars with MDBs are in one JBoss with defined factory and queues, everything works perfectly. But I need jars on separate machines and probably to share only one factory and queue instances. Do you know, how to solve this problem?