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    Stop or pause the connection with websphere MQ

    Armin Huisman Newbie


      I have implemented my connections to websphere MQ like this wiki site shows: http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=UsingWebSphereMQSeriesWithJBossASPartI

      Everything works greate. But i was wondering about one thing and could not find a anwser.

      My connection is handeld by jboss and my bean gets the message and does something with it. But is it posible if my bean sees that a connection to one of my own webservices can not be reached to stop of pause the connections for MQ that way i aint processing any messages until the connection with the webservices is up again. Right now if i don't do this all my messages disepear to DLQ. And i would have to write a another program to process the messages in the DLQ or at leaste send them back to Incoming Q. Is it posible to stop or pause the connection to MQ, and afcorse resume.

      Thank you.