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    effect of irregular configuration of Thread Pool Configurati

    Dhinesh Kumar P Newbie

      we are using the jboss 4.0.4AS and jbossMQ for the JMS in our application. now we have a problem that it takes 4 to 6 secs to post a message in the particular Queue.
      Since our application has JMS postings across 2, 3 modules all of them are slow. when we looked at the difference, we found the mbean tag in the jbossmq-service.xml in the ../../deploy/jms directory. we tried searching the effect of over or under configuring the values for the mbean tag for the JMS Thread Pool.

      i have copy pasted the mbean tag below. We think this is the default configuration as we didnt change anything.

      <!-- A Thread pool service -->

      JBossMQ Server Threads
      <!-- The max number of threads in the pool -->
      <!-- The max number of tasks before the queue is full -->
      <!-- The behavior of the pool when a task is added and the queue is full.
      abort - a RuntimeException is thrown
      run - the calling thread executes the task
      wait - the calling thread blocks until the queue has room
      discard - the task is silently discarded without being run
      discardOldest - check to see if a task is about to complete and enque
      the new task if possible, else run the task in the calling thread

      My questions are
      1. What are the effects if we over or under configure the thread pool limit and the queue depth?
      2. What would be the default values if we remove the tags?

      Thanks in advance,
      Dhinesh Kumar P