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    unable to consume messages synchronously from jbossmq queue.

    Sureshbabu Thyvalappil Newbie

      I'm sending a message to a predefined Queue in JBOSSMQ using JMS api. I can view the messages in the queue in JMX console of JBOSS. I'm using version JBOSS version 4.0.5GA.
      When I use the following code to synchronously receive the message, It never receives the message. I'm able to browse the queue using QueueBrowser though.

      MessageConsumer qReceiver =
      System.out.println("Waiting for Message from B in MDB");

      Wondering what is going on with the synchronous receive?

      If I use an MDB to listen to the queue, it works. But I'm looking for receiving message synchronous way.

      Any help will be appreciated..