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    JMS failover - receiver does not detect and switch to new HA

    narendra Newbie

      We have three instances of JBoss running on one machine, to run three separate applications. Each one communicates to other using JMS to publish any broadcasts, and the receivers will refresh their objects if needed.

      Once we have a full GC that takes about 20-30 seconds on the HA Master JBoss server, the HA Master server does not respond and the others stop communicating to HA Master. After some other server takes over as HA Master, broadcasting continues, but the receivers who had registered to the old HA Master server do not give up and re-register to the new elected HA Master. If we stop the server that was HA Master before, then the receivers connect to the new HA Master and start getting the broadcasts.

      While we try to overcome the GC issue, does anyone know how to make the receivers re-register to the new HA Master?