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    Dead letter queues

    Tobin Juday Newbie

      I am using JBoss 4.0.5 with ActiveMQ 4.1.0 as my JMS provider. I have an MDB set up, reading from an ActiveMQ queue, and am using normal container managed transactions (with XA). When the transaction fails, the message is correctly put back on the queue. From the logs, I can tell that my message is pulled off the queue 5 times. After that, it is gone.

      From what I understand, JBoss is configured to try a preset number of times (apparently 5), and then move the message to a dead letter queue (DLQ). However, I cannot find the message anywhere. I have not configured anything around DLQ's. By default, does JBoss put the message in one of it's DLQ's, or does it try to put it to the JMS provider's DLQ (in this case ActiveMQ)? I haven't been able to find it in either one.

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          Tobias Frech Apprentice

          By default JBoss saves dead letters in the DLQ. With Hypersonic as your persistence provider that means that the message can be found in the internal Hypersonic DB in the JMS_MESSAGES table. If you changed your persistence provider or even your JMS provider it may depend on that implementation where dead letters get stored. This stuff is configured in the proxy-invoker, see standardjboss.xml.

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            jaya ammu Newbie

            Hi All,
            Could you please tell me how to listen the topic deployed on ActiveMQ ( Or Foreign MQ Proviers) from MDB deployed on JBOSS?. I am using JBOSS 4.0.2 with MDB ( ejb2.0). Please tell me what the configuration files i need to chnage. If you send me snippets would appreciate.