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    JMS Queue Corruption Questions

    Sham Ashraf Newbie


      i have some questions in regards to JMS Queues - We are trying to simulate some test conditions and any help would be much appreciated.

      1)Where is the JMS queue information stored within the DB? Once the association has been made can you actually go into the DB and change the value so it now has a different queue it can process.
      2) Is it possible to accumulate messages within the JMS queue and test for how many store/retrieve requests it can hold and can this be logged/audited. Furthermore can we test for ensure that the messages get processed once we return the JMS queue to its ?normal behaviour??
      3) Can we corrupt JMS queues i.e. make sure that they have become corrupt during processing and ensure that stores/retrieves continue to accumulate and get processed once the queue is restored (and what the restoration process would be?)
      4) Is it possible to monitor a JMS queue and kill it/halt it during processing?