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    Install with 'all' option does not setup HA-JMS?

    Bas Ven Newbie

      Not sure if this is an MQ or clustering question, but somewhere in the documentation it stated that the all option when installing jboss would setup MQ to be a HA singleton. Unfortunately my deploy-hasingleton is completely empty.
      Is it enough to move the deploy/jms directory to the deploy-hasingleton, or is there some documentation on the steps one should take to make this a singleton?

      Another somewhat related question is on how to setup MDB's or services that are dependent on queues and topics. My current thinking is that I have one service which really only contains my queue and topic dependencies that get deployed in the hasingleton directory. Then I have another service that depends on the barrier and that gets deployed on all nodes in a cluster. Other services can then depend on this service and be guaranteed that the queues and topics are up and running.

      Now I am a complete n00wbie with this environment and open for suggestions on the best way to set this up.

      Thanks in advance for pointers.