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    Dependency on topic and queues in a clustered environment.

    Bas Ven Newbie

      How do you set that up? I have services that are dependent that queues and topics are created.

      I currently do something like this in my jboss-service.xml file:

      <mbean code="com.hp.ov.nms.notification.sample.SampleMessageListener" name="com.hp.ov.nms.notification:service=SampleTopicListener" <depends optional-attribute-name="DestinationName">jboss.mq.destination:service=Topic,name=nms.notification.sample1topic</depends>

      The master node comes up fine, the other node keeps waiting:

      ObjectName: com.hp.ov.nms.notification:service=SampleTopicListener
       State: CONFIGURED
       I Depend On:
       Depends On Me:

      I wanted to have the topic/queue name injected in my bean.

      Related question: how do I set up something so that I am sure that topics and queues are created? I first thought that the Barrier dependency was intended to do that; however if I noticed that the barrier service on my secondary nodes is 'created' but never started. Did I misunderstand this service and does it only get in the started state in case of failover?