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    MDB fails to listen after config changes

    Kevin Robertson Newbie

      I have discovered that a MDB won't listen anymore if you change a config file on the fly, for example changing the password in oracle-ds.xml. Here are the following steps you can do to test for yourself.

      1. start your server and mdb.
      2. send a message via a jms client.
      3. watch mdb pick it up.
      4. Change something in the config file. I changed password in oracle-ds.xml.
      5. Jboss will unbound and bound the datasource, queue, topic, etc.
      6. Now send a message via a jms client.
      7. It will be sent successfully, but MDB won't pick it up.
      8. now, restart your server and mdb.
      9. mdb now picks them up on startup.

      I have tested this in 4.0.3, and 4.0.5. To me, the mdb should still pick up messages without a restart. but maybe it is working as design... :)