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    JbossMQ problem opening MQ cluster queue

    mervyn gilham Newbie

      Our JMS application (catalyst connector) binds to a local queue manager on host A.
      We have two instances of a MQ clustered local queue on two queue managers, QM1 and QM2, on remote hosts B and C respectively.

      In the application's configuration (xml file) we just have two fields queue manager name and queue name. We have tried many combinations. The only combination we haven't yet tried is space filling the qmgr name tag.

      Also we have a discrepancy with the java libs supplied by MQ and the ones used by JBOSS. Investigations continue on this one.

      Anybody out there had any success with JBOSS MQ with MQ cluster queues?

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          Elias Ross Master

          MQ being? Assuming it's a vendor product, what does your vendor suggest?

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            byorn de silva Newbie

            To use the singleton fail-over HA-JMS service, you must configure JMS services identically on all nodes in the
            cluster. That includes all JMS related service MBeans and all deployed JMS applications.
            The JMS server is configured to persist its data in the DefaultDS. By default, that is the embedded HSQLDB. In
            most cluster environments, however, all nodes need to persist data against a shared database. So, the first thing to
            do before you start clustered JMS is to setup a shared database for JMS. You need to do the following:
            ? Configure DefaultDS to point to the database server of your choice. That is to replace the deploy/
            hsqlsb-ds.xml file with the xxx-ds.xml file in the docs/examples/jca directory, where xxx is the name of the
            target shared database (e.g., mysql-ds.xml).
            ? Replace the hsqldb-jdbc2-service.xml file under the server/all/deploy-hasingleton/jms directory with
            one tuned to the specific database. For example if you use MySQL the file is mysql-jdbc2-service.xml. Configuration
            files for a number of RDBMS are bundled with the JBoss AS distribution. They can be found under
            There is no need to replace the hsqldb-jdbc-state-service.xml file under the server/
            all/deploy-hasingleton/jms directory. Despite the hsql in its name, it works with all SQL92 compliant
            databases, including HSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and more. It automatically uses the DefaultDS for storage,
            as we configured above.