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    Joining messages (queues)

    Alexander Torstling Newbie


      I have the following use case:

      *Wait for a free resource
      *When resource is free, wait for next job, then use resource to process job.

      So, i need to wait until there is BOTH a resource and a job available. All resources are equal, so I can use any resource with any job.

      What's the best way of accomplishing this?

      My current (flawed?) implementation is as follows:

      I'm putting the resources in one queue as they become available, and then I have an MDB registered for that queue (P2P).

      The job queue is a separate queue, and jobs are added to the queue as soon as a request arrives (might be days or months between jobs, then suddenly I could get a large amount at once).

      When a resource is ready, the onMessage()-method of my MDB is called.
      In this method, I then create a MessageConsumer for the job-queue, and call receive() with infinite timeout. This seems to be a sub-optimal solution, since i'm blocking the MDB thread and Jboss AS seems to dislike my approach (refuses to shutdown while thread is blocked) ;)

      I've also tried another solution, where I have a n second timeout on the receive method, and call ctx.setRollbackOnly() if no job is available when a resource is free.

      This makes JBoss assume that the operation failed non-intentionally and puts all my messages in the dead-letter-queue after 10 retries. I could increase the max amount of retries, but it feels like I'm going down the wrong road here... Is there a nicer way of joining messages?

      I basically have free hands when it comes to this, so any suggestion is more than welcomed!

      Best regards


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          Alexander Torstling Newbie


          I'll try to be more clear:

          *How do I wait for messages from more than one queue before starting processing?

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            byorn de silva Newbie

            How does the MDB know the resouce is ready ???
            You could use a scheduled task to execute every 5 seconds (n minutes) to check the resource.

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              Alexander Torstling Newbie


              "Byorn" wrote:
              How does the MDB know the resouce is ready ???
              You could use a scheduled task to execute every 5 seconds (n minutes) to check the resource.

              I have a fixed number of resources (servers) set up, and put them in a queue. They are available as long as I don't use them...

              Anyway, I'm not going to leave this thread dead, and I came up with a solution... To clear things up, this is what I was trying to acheive:

              I had several servers waiting to process compression jobs(compress videos). These were accessible through webservice-interfaces.

              Initially, I set up a queue of available webservice endpoints, and had a MDB listening to that queue. When a server became available (MDB.onMessage()), I waited for a compression job (from another queue) to become available (through MessageConsumer.receive()), and then processed that job with the available server.

              The problem whas that JBoss disliked this, as I was locking the MDB thread waiting for the next job.

              Since I could not come up with a good solution for this scenario, I decided to install a JMS client on each of the compression servers. This allowed me to connect an MDB from each of the servers to the job queue.

              Despite the problem of installing a JMS client on every compression server, this was the only reasonable way I came up with to tackling this usecase. If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this without installing the JMS client on every compression server, I'd be very glad.