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    JMS Exception - session closed

    Navaneetha Krishnan Ramakrishnan Newbie


      I tried to process a huge volume (50 to 100 messages per sec) of messages. I am using jBoss as JMS provider. I am using 3 separate queues to process incoming data and to send response back.

      I have the following code in constructor of message producer

      qProducer.q = QueueUtil.getQueue(QueueUtil.ENGINE_JNDI_NAME, env);
      qProducer.qConn = QueueUtil.getQueueConnection(env);
      qProducer.qSesn = qProducer.qConn.createQueueSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);

      I try to use this queueSession (qSesn) for every message. But I get the following error:
      The session is closed

      I am sure I haven't used session.close() code anywhere in my program. Will the connection get closed automatically?

      Has anyone faced similar issue? Am i doing anything wrong? Please clarify.

      Thanks & Regards,