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    What does the MaxMessage element set up in the proxy-factory

    Marco Tedone Newbie

      Hi, I'm going through the configuration for MDBs in the conf/standardjboss.xml file. The configuration for Standard MDBs contained within the <proxy-factory-config> element contains, amongst the others, the following elements:

      1) MaximumSize
      2) MaxMessages

      I'm trying to keep our JBoss server *busier* than it is at the moment when sending out SMS messages trying to achieve a higher performance throughput by increasing the number of messages which can be processed concurrently. Ideally I'd like 20, 30, etc (to be fine tuned) MDBs to be able to serve concurrently 20, 30, etc requests and I'm not sure whether I should change 1), 2) or both.

      From what I could guess, 1 is the number of MDBs that the container keeps in the pool, 2) is the number of concurrent messages. Is that right?

      Thanks for any response.