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    What tools are available for debugging JMS in JBoss?

    Tony Mai Apprentice

      Hello all,

      I have a problem in my client application in receiving messages published by a SessionBean. I am using JBoss MQ came with JBoss 4.0.5GA.

      None of the messages published by my SessionBean (to a queue) would end up in my client's application. My SessionBean had no problem looking up the destination using the JNDI name and created a MessageProducer for the channel. My client had no problem looking up the channel and created a MessageConsumer for the queue.

      To be sure it was not my client, I'd created another test app (MessageProducer) to publish messages to this queue. These messages ended up in my client's application without any problem. It had got to be my SessionBean publishing to the wrong channel. The funny thing is, the same name was used and no exception was thrown. No other queue were declared in the *-destination-service.xml.

      How would one go about debugging this kind of problem in JBoss? jmx-console does not seem to provide message count for a queue. What other tools are available to help us?