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    automatic creation of Topic for Session Bean

    Stein Desmet Newbie


      Is it possible to have the JBoss AS automatically create a JMS Topic or Queue when one is defined in a Session Bean's XDoclet tags (like what happens for MDBs)?

      I tried it with the following tags in a Session Bean:
      * @ejb.resource-env-ref name="jms/ClientCommunication" type="javax.jms.Topic"
      * @jboss.resource-env-ref resource-env-ref-name = "jms/ClientCommunication" jndi-name = "topic/ClientCommunication"

      This Topic shows up in the JNDI view in the JMX console, but i receive "javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: ClientCommunication not bound" when i try to look up the topic from within the Session Bean using:

      clientDestination = (Topic) jndiContext.lookup("java:comp/env/jms/ClientCommunication");

      This was tested with jboss AS version 4.0.5.GA