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    Weblogic to Jboss

    Andy Robert Newbie

      We are migrating our application from Weblogic 8.0 to JBoss-4.0.5.GA. Everything is done except the JMS part. I am new to JMS and Jboss. Our application uses Custom connection factory say jms/myFactory, also uses custom queues like jms/myRequestQueue amd jms/myResponseQueue. Can anybody please help me how to create Custom Connectionfactory like jms/myFactory and Queues like jms/myRequestQueue etc. Please let me know what all configuration files needs to be updated. Please help using an example.

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          SR Newbie

          We are also having similar scenario. JBoss team please respond this port.

          Kindly also let us know how can we lookup JMS connection factory and JMS Queue/Topic from remote JVM (standalone Java program).

          I have tried using "<use-java-context>" for JMS connection factory. It seems that it works, but I am unable to lookup remote JMS Queue/Topic. I have tried various lookup combinations.

          It is very critical issue for us.