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    class not ofunf exception

    anuj kumar Newbie

      I have an MDB listening to a queue. Once it gets the message it should procees it and send it to another queue on diff server which uses TIBCO.

      I have a standlone client prog which can successfully send the message to the diff server using the tibco jars that i specify in the class path when invoking this standalone prog.

      But when i try to send the message form the MDB to the Tibco server , I get

      Cannot instantiate class: com.tibco.tibjms.naming.TibjmsInitialContextFactory

      I was missing the tibco jars so I included the tibco jars in the jboss_class path variable.

      Now i am getting an error.

      Noclassdefinationfound error for javax/jms/JMSException

      but the jmsexception class is part of jboss-j2ee.jar file which is present in jboss/server/default/lib dir so it should pick it frm there right???

      Anothere interesting thing is that if i place the tibco jar in jboss/server/default/lib dir and deletete it from jboss_classpath var then the MDB is able to send the message and i donot get any error.

      pl help me