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    HA JMS - Jboss MQ - MDBs dont get rebound to current Master

    Selvakumar K Newbie

      Ref: Jboss AS - 4.0.3.SP1

      I have been facing a problem with HA-JMS setup, let us say, where 2 nodes are available. As we know when one of the nodes(which is a master JMS node) is properly shutdown, the other(second) node becomes Master node & the MDBs deployed in the second node automatically got re-bound to the Queue available in that node.

      Instead of the above mentioned, When I try to simulate a scenario where I just stopped only HASingletonDeployer Service of first node(Master Node), the second node becomes Master Node, But the MDBs in the second node don't get re-bound to the Queue of second node.

      Any configuration setup that I am missing here, to make this work...