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    jms messages table not deleting  causing org.jboss.mq.SpyJMS

    Renu Khushalani Newbie

      We have 2 instances of JBOSS 3.2.3 running on the same SUNmachine for an application. Both the server and client are running at all time. This problem happens randomaly and not very frequently. The oracle database is used for jms persistence store. Every 15 minutes around 100000 messages are being send. Its published to a topic. In the normal event the messages are publised and read by the subcriber very quickly.

      But sometimes, for some reason, some of the messages are received by the topic subcriber but not all of them. The messages in the table keeps increasing and being cleared at a very slow rate. This makes the application literally inoperable and leads to loss of the data being collected.

      Restarting the jboss, does not seems to solve the problem, as the error of duplicate key keeps happening again.

      A workaround found by us, to remove the old jboss jms_message table and jms transaction table. Then the new tables are recreated and jboss restarted.

      I have looked through all the forum and faq and getting find a suitable answer as why this is happening and what can be done for it.

      There was one possible idea of using message exparition time, but this would cause us to loose data.

      Any help is welcomed