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    Commnication between 2 J2ee application deployed in 2 JBOSS

    shankha Bhattacharya Newbie

      I have one J2ee unit deployed (UI - Controller) in One JBOSS server .

      I have another J2ee unit(Device Controller) deployed in different JBOSS server.

      I have to start the Device Controller UNIT(deployed in App server 2) from the UI - Controller from 1st JBOSS app server.

      Here "Start Device Controller UNIT" from UI controller menas start the RUN method of one of the controller classes in the DC unit - that is Start the Execution Thread of the DC unit[/b]

      What should be the best approach to start one unit deployed in one application server from the UI controller deployed in different app server.

      -- Previously we have standalone Java Units (running in different m/c)and we use the RMI to start different unit from one controlling Java swing UI running in amother m/c.

      -- Here different units are deployed in different JBOSS server.
      and controlling UI (use to start /stop different Units )running in amother JBOSS server.

      What should be the best approach in this case ??