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    MDB Not instantiated? Not seeing onMessage (stdout messages)

    SRK PRIV Newbie


      I am debugging my JBOSS JMS application.

      I have a single class with following messages. I have just provided the skeleton of the classes to give an idea;

      public JMSMessageDrivenBean extends MDB, MessageListener {

      ejbCreate() {
      system.out.println("created") ;

      onMessage(Object msg) {
      System.out.println("Inside onmessage") ;


      public class JMSMessenger {
      pulic void sendMessage(String text) {
      // init the connection factory etc.
      sender.send(text) ;

      public List getMessages() {
      receiver.receive(timeout) ;

      ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml both are deployed under (like this, example)

      + classes/
      + META-INF/ejb-jar.xml

      When I run the application. One of my jsp calls JMSMessenger.getMessages() which returns a list of messages from queue receiver.

      To send messges from my thread application, I call the same JMSMessenger.sendMessage("some message") ;

      I see that the messages are send/received. But I dont see onMessage being executed even once. I dont see the ejbCreate being executed as well. The system.out.pritln messages I put in my MDB is not printed at all.
      There are no log files and when I pring System.out from my app it goes to server.log.

      I am using jboss3.2.x version.

      Can anyone please tell me why my MDB methods are not called? Is something wrong with this application.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated?