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    Access JMS Queue from a Remote Client

    Mark Denieffe Newbie

      I'm new to JBoss so if this question has already been asked I apologise in advance.

      Background Info
      Currently we have a swing application which runs on the same machine as JBoss and I've been asked to remove the Swing Client onto it's own separate machine and this is where the problems are starting...

      To the Question...
      Is there any configuration needed when accessing a JMS Queue from a remote client (Swing App)? Are there any config files that need to be changed so that a client can have access to the Queue, as I had to use the run.bat -b [IP ADDRESS] parameter when trying to access a Session Bean remotely, so I'm wondering are there similar settings regarding the remote access of a Queue, do I have to configure a security file in JBossMQ to allow remote connections?

      Any help, documentation or point me in the right direction would be a great help....

      JBoss4.0.4-GA JBossMQ

      Thanks in Advance

      Mark Denieffe