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    RHM qpid

    Aleksandar Mirkovic Newbie

      Hi there,

      I am trying to use RHM as a messaging server and replace JBoss with it. Did anyone manage to do this and could I get any hints on how to do it?

      Thank you.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          You'd be better off asking them.

          The last I heard RHM (qpid is even worse) didn't support transactions.

          I remember a quote in spec that said something like "And then magic happens",
          except that it didn't. ;-)

          Basically, if they support the jms spec, then it can be integrtated like any
          other jms server. i.e. through jndi (see JMSProviderAdapter in the WIKI or docs)

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            Tim Fox Master

            Yes beware that RHM/QPid has very poor JMS support.

            The current AMQP spec is lacking in many areas and not currently rich enough to support full JMS semantics (e.g. it lacks any concept of filters/selectors).

            QPid added proprietary "hacks" over and above the AMQP spec in order to get their JMS functionality working.

            I would be very wary if you're considering using RHM/Qpid seriously right now.