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    ActivationConfigProperty "port"

    Dirk Haase Newbie


      I have a MDB that I want to listen to mail. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I always get an error message:

      2008-02-08 00:03:44,421 ERROR [MailActivation] Failed to execute folder check, spec=MailActivationSpec(mailServer=...

      Since the mail server is running on port 993, this is no surprise. But when I add the ActivationConfigProperty

      @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "port", propertyValue = "993"),

      then nothing happens anymore. I don't get any error logs in my log file, but it's not receiving any mail. My admin also said that there are no login requests coming anymore.

      So my question is: Is this the correct way to configure the port? It looks like it, but apparently isn't working.