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    Logging level for

    Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice

      Hi All,

      I am using Tibco EMS as JMS engine. In this setup all messages come with id=null (I have no control over this). I have a workaround in which I assign a message id when the message reception is rolled back, so DLQ handling itself isn't a problem here.

      Problem comes when the message is just successfully received/processed but AbstractDLQHandler (actually it comes from GenericDLQHandler) still logs "Message id is null?" with logging level as ERROR. This happens even if no rollback happens (i.e. the message is consumed successfully).
      This wouldn't be a big deal but the log statement also logs the message. And if the message is big the logs files grow extremely fast.

      Any idea how to resolve it? Is this a candidate for JIRA issue?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice

          Sorry for bad subject, the forums cut it off...

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            Adrian Brock Master

            You can't use the DLQHandler unless the messages have message ids.

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              Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice

              Hi Adrian,

              Thanks for the replying. Yes, I've looked through the code and understand that the DLQ handler must have messages with IDs in order to process them.
              However what I have is that messages are not sent to DLQ yet (no rollbacks) and still I get this logging.

              The problem is mainly the log file size which grows extremely fast if all messages are logged and the log level for that particular message is 'error'. If I set logging to fatal I will miss error messages which I do want to see...
              Is this still working 'by design'?

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                Adrian Brock Master


                "svadu" wrote:

                Is this still working 'by design'?

                No, its not working by design and telling you so. :-)
                I don't see why other messages from DLQHandler would be interesting to you
                since it can't possibly work as configured.

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                  Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice

                  Hi Adrian,

                  Thanks for replying again. I am not really interested in messages from DLQHandler, but because of the null id it dumps complete message content in the the log which makes it grow at extreme rates.

                  I've got a workaround with using JBoss DLQ and null id's by manually resending messages that have to be rolled back to the queue which forces Tibco EMS to assign proper id's (it's just some specifics of importing messages from TIB/RV). It has kind of 'maxResend + 1' effect.

                  So, after the message is resent and get's ID I would expect that DLQ handler to actually do it's job and it seems to be doing so...

                  But in my case DLQHandler 'spits' content of JMS messages into the server.log even if there is no rollback (with my current data load the log files reach 10+Gb in a few days). I had to put logging level to FATAL to avoid it but I may miss actually a lot of needed data in the log when the actual rollback happens.

                  Should I create a JIRA issue for that?