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    Durable Subscriptions Scenario

    Bob Damato Newbie

      I have a need for a JMS queue where messages are durable, but messages sent to the queue would be processed by only one of three possible subscribers. In other words, there would be a single queue into which I drop a message, three other servers would be periodically polling the queue and whichever server first sees the message, that is the server that processes the message, the other servers never know of the message's existence. I tried to create a single durable subscriber, but when I try to connect from multiple servers I get the error: "The login id has an assigned client id 'testsub1', that is already connected to the server!" If I create multiple durable subscribers, then every subscriber would receive the message (which is not what I want).

      Is there a way to have the message be durable, but have it only received by one of the three servers?