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    Creating Group of Queue

    nitin mandolkar Newbie

      Hi Jboss

      Is it possible in JBOSS MQ to create group of Queues and assign that group separate Connection factory and JDBC Store.


      Queues : Q1, Q2, Q3
      Connection factory for QGROUPA : QGROUPA_ConnectionFactory
      JDBC Store for QGROUPA : QGROUPA_JDBCStore

      Queues : Q4, Q5, Q6
      Connection factory for QGROUPB : QGROUPB_ConnectionFactory
      JDBC Store for QGROUPB : QGROUPB_JDBCStore

      If yes, how.


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          nitin mandolkar Newbie

          i think this problem can be sloved creating multiple Destination manager.

          Will confirm and update you all soon.

          i will create

          DestinationManagerA with QGROUPA_JDBCStore
          Q1, Q2, Q3 queues can refer to DestinationManagerA


          DestinationManagerB with QGROUPB_JDBCStore
          Q4, Q5, Q6 queues can refer to DestinationManagerB

          Yet to confirm. Let you know the correct answer.