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    Hi Friends help me

    ramkumar chinta Newbie

      I am working on weblogic -jboss Migration.
      My usecase is like below.
      I need to create
      NEW JMSSERVER --> new jdbcstore --> NEW CONNECTION FACTORY --> Config Queues [ To run on this particlar JMSSERVER ]

      My Question is how to create a JMSSERVER in Jboss and how to map this connection factory,queues & jdbc store's to run in that particular server.

      The equivalent weblogic code is as below.

      <JMSServer Name="WSStoreForwardInternalJMSServertamaserver"
       Store="FileStore" Targets="tamaserver">
       <JMSQueue CreationTime="1115643444724"
       JNDINameReplicated="false" Name="WSInternaljms.internal.queue.WSStoreForwardQueuetamaserver"/>
       <JMSQueue CreationTime="1115643446059"
       JNDINameReplicated="false" Name="WSInternaljms.internal.queue.WSDupsEliminationHistoryQueuetamaserver"/>