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    Max number of object in queue execute at the same time

    Nibe Trape Newbie

      Hi everybody,
      I have the following situation: 4 server with Jboss, 1 is the "chief" with a
      proper project and 3 have a different project from n.1 but all 3 have the same project.
      In few words people connect to server 1 click a button and this produce a
      message to send to one of the other 3 servers.
      Now the message will start a method on one of the 3 servers and it tooks, as
      example, 10 min, during this time, the same server should be able to receive
      other 4 message to start at the same time other 4 method, but just 4+1 method,
      if other request arrive, it should be queue sice one will finish.
      Is it possible to do that?
      I'm trying with just two machine one which send the message to other, but I see
      that since the receiving machine doesn't finish the method, it doesnt start
      other which is already in queue.
      But I would like it will start max of 5 method at the same time then the other
      should be place in queue. Is there a propertied to set to do that?

      Hope to be not too much neboulos!

      Thanks for any advice, it will be very appreciated