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    MDB Pool

    Milind Chaudhari Newbie

      I have to design the archtecture using Queue base messaging with message divern beans for 500 clients where each client sending 300 messges per day.

      Right now I am mixing up as how to design this because of follwoing points:

      a) How many queues I need to make, per client or dividing the number of clients per queue.

      b) How to manage the MDB pool for above created queues.

      If any one knows effective stuff for managing the MDB pool then please tell me.

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          Bernd Eckenfels Novice

          First you need to know if you can process the messages in parallel and how long the onMessage() MEthod will run. This will determine how many threads you can run in parallel (concurrency and reordering) on which queue.

          The MDB Pool itself is not that interesting (if enough instances are available) as the parallelity is controled by the dequeueing threads.

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            Milind Chaudhari Newbie

            Thanks Eckenfels,

            I am looking for parallism for message processing, but to achive it I have to make concern on all factors like hoewmnay queues for this 300 cutomers and how many MDBs etc....... This architecutre rigth now looking very complex to me as I am feeling that I have to look on lot of factors...........................