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    JBossMQ supported database

    Jonathan Newbrough Newbie

      JBoss4.0.5 predates MS-SQL2005 and I only find mention of SQL2000 in the documentation.

      Does JBoss support/recommend/advise for or against the use of MS-SQL2005 with JBoss4.0.5 -- specifically with JBossMQ?

      Any differences in JMS configuration?

      Experiences of other users?

      Any information is appreciated.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          The 4.2.x release of jboss includes an example of mssql 2005 config in docs/examples/jca

          JBossMQ should work with any jdbc compliant driver, though you might need to tweak
          the create tables (we usually reccommend creating them by hand anyway so you
          can allocate space and maybe alter the indexes to tune the queries?).

          If you are referring to the comment in the jbossmq example

          This jdbc2 PM configuration has been tested against MS SQL Server 2000

          That's an original comment from the person that first contributed the example
          (a long time ago :-)